Season Standings

As soon as one Season Tournament has Ended, the Season Standings will be displayed in the Standings tab of the League+ product.  The Standings are also accessible by all League Members in the 18Birdies app.  In the app, tap Community, Leagues, find the League you have Joined, and tap Standings.

*NOTE: In order for results to appear in the Standings tab of your League, the Points or Purse values must have been added during the setup of a League tournament, and the organizer must have chosen to have the Points & Purse apply to the League Standings.

Sort by

Click the Points / Earnings links in the upper right corner to adjust the sorted results.

See tournament leaderboards

Tap this link to generate a pop up of selectable Ended tournaments to jump to the Public Leaderboard of the Tournament.

*As shown in the image below, if a League Member is removed from the League, the points and purse that they have earned prior to their removal from the League will still be displayed in the Standings, although they will not have a "position" in the Standings.

Attendance: The Attendance column displays how many League Tournaments the individual League Member has participated in and that have factored into his or her total Points and Earnings.

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