Managing League Members

Firstly, make sure you are knowledgeable on Invitations for Leagues before reading more on League Members.

In the screenshot below, you'll see an example of what the list of League Members may look like.

You will first see an overview of the Joined, Pending, Expired and Refunded Members.

Joined - A League Member in joined status is an active League Member.  They have paid to participate in the League and are a current member.

Pending - A Pending status indicates that the person has been invited via email or otherwise but have yet to complete the registration process to become a Joined League Member.

Expired - An Expired status indicates that the player was an active "Joined" League Member at one time, but their subscription came to a close.

Refunded - A Refunded status indicates that a League Manager refunded this players League Entry Fee.  

Import Existing Members - This function is only available to the League Manager ONCE.  The purpose of this feature is to allow the 18Birdies League Organizer the ability to manually upload players into the 18Birdies League that are already registered and paid for the League.

Attendance - This number (0/1) indicates how many tournaments have been created in this League, and of those tournaments how many he or she has participated in.

Managing Members

1. When a new League Member joins your League, you will have the ability to Trash them from your League.  Simply click the Trash Can icon.

2. After Trashing a Member, you will then be able to Refund the Members League Entry Fee.  Simply click the Refund link.

3. If a League Member joins at least one League Tournament, you will need to Delete them from the Tournament first before you can Refund their League Entry Fee.

4. If you Trash a League Member who has already participated in at least one League Tournament, you will NOT be able to Refund their League Entry Fee.

Click here for more information on Refund Capabilities.

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