Tournament+ Best Practices

1. Create the Tournament and Send Invitations EARLY

Many times the idea of Live Scoring and using a smartphone app in replacement of a paper scorecard is unexpected for participants of a golf tournament.  It is important to get the messaging out to the tournament players early that the 18Birdies app will be the official scorecard for their tournament.  Email invitations should ideally be sent at least two weeks prior to the start date of the tournament, earlier if possible.

Also, if you are able to get the email invitations out a couple weeks early, don't just send one.  Send reminders a few days prior, and the day before the tournament.

2. Offer Live Scoring to Tournament Organizers

If you have an outside organization (charity, business, etc.) bringing a tournament to your golf course, bring up Live Scoring as an optional package upgrade as early in the process as possible.  You can either offer it as an added incentive for free, up-sell the Live Leaderboards, or even the sponsorship banner space on the Leaderboards, Email invitations, and Cart Signs.  

Consider using  LiveLeaderboardFlyer.pdf when offering Live Leaderboards with 18Birdies.

3. Check List for a Successful Tournament


4. Recommended Tournament Formats with 18Birdies


5. Incentivize Early Registration

When marketing a Tournament+ Max tournament, you may want to offer something to entice golfers to register early.  For example, for 5 registrants get a Free bucket of balls, get 50% off their next green fee, get a sleeve of balls, etc.

6. Use the "How to Join a Tournament" Sheet


The PDF file above is a 1/2 sheet instructional sheet designed for tournament players to quickly learn how to download and use the 18Birdies app as the scoring method for their tournament.  Consider placing this on the steering wheel of golf carts, handing out at check-in, etc.

7. 2-Player Tournaments

18Birdies has found that golfers enjoy "playing with a buddy" in tournaments.  Organizing and operating golf tournaments with 2-player teams is a good way to attract registrations for high participation rates.

8. The Weekend Long Tournament

Simply set up a tournament and allow participants to sign up, register and pay, and play their tournament round anytime Saturday or Sunday.  Providing more flexible times for the participants to play their tournament round should drive more registrations. I.E. 1) Skins Weekend, 2) 2-player Best Ball Weekend, etc.

9. Download Teams from Team Assignments Tab Before Tournament Ends

While an 18Birdies T+ Tournament is Upcoming or Live, the player data from the Team Assignments tab can be exported to a CSV file.  In doing so, you will be able to capture individual player data like name, handicap, gender, email, etc.  This can help the organization and setup of future tournaments because you will be able to import the saved CSV file in order to more quickly and easily add players to your Tournament.

10. Minimize or Maximize your Team Assignments and/or Leaderboards view

When viewing and managing your Teams and/or Leaderboard, you may find it useful to expand or contract your viewing area on your screen.  To do so, simply hold Command +/- to zoom in or out.

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