Events & Memberships Ideas

1. The Month-Long Event

Sometimes operating an Event of any kind that lasts more than just one day can net more engagement and registrations, simply for the fact that it opens up the schedule of participation.

Example: The Month-Long Putting Contest. Set up a putting contest and allow registrants to sign up and play anytime during the month of September.

2. Range Membership

Offer a Practice Membership for $Xx.xx per month or per year.  Maybe this membership includes unlimited range balls, access to short game areas, a 30-minute lesson, discounted green fees, merchandise, etc.

3. Resident / Non-Resident Membership

Offer a membership for locals (Residents) for $Xx.xx per month/year.  This could include discounted rates, advanced reservations, guest passes, rewards program, tee prize, merchandise and/or F&B discounts, etc.

You can do the same for Non-Residents, maybe for a bit higher price.

4. Weekday Membership

Offer a membership for golfers that prefer to play during the week.  Help maximize your tee sheet and slow times.

5. Weekends Membership

Offer a membership for golfers that can only play on the weekends.

6. 18Birdies Booking Discount

Operate any Event at your facility and offer online registration through 18Birdies, with an incentive to sign up online by offering it at a discounted price.

7. Post Events Early!

When publishing an Event on the 18Birdies for Business platform, it's always a good idea to get the Event posting up weeks ahead of the scheduled date of the event.  Get the event up and live on the app well ahead of time so that 18Birdies app users have time to check their Marketplace tab and find your Event.

8. Food & Beverage Themed Events

We love food and drinks, so market your F&B Events on 18Birdies!  I.E. Sunday morning breakfast buffet!  Saturday lunch buffet!  Taco Tuesdays!  These are just a few examples of F&B themed events that can be published in the 18Birdies app and generate more participation!

9. Incentivize Early Registration

When marketing an Event, you may want to offer something to entice participants to register early.  For example, for 5 registrants get a Free bucket of balls, get 50% off their next green fee, get a sleeve of balls, etc.

10. Off Peak / Twilight Membership

Offer a membership with discounts for golfers that prefer to play during off-peak days and hours.

11. 2-Player Tournaments

18Birdies has found that golfers enjoy "playing with a buddy" in tournaments.  Organizing and operating golf tournaments with 2-player teams is a good way to attract registrations for high participation rates.

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