Community Builder Marketing

1. Email Message your CB Code

A quick and easy way to get the message out to your email distribution list about your partnership with 18Birdies is to hit them with a simple email.  This will give recipients of the email the opportunity to download the 18Birdies app, enter your code, and become a follower of your course.

There is more than one way to email message your CB code out.

1) From within the 18Birdies for Business platform, the Community Builder product, simply click the course code you wish to message out to your distribution list, then Send Invitation.

2) Using your own email platform along with  THIS TEMPLATE.

2. Publish Promotional Materials in High Traffic Areas at Your Facility

As a subscriber of the Community Builder product, you receive a package of promotional materials to market your CB code.  The materials include 8.5x11 product sheets, cart signs, business cards, table tents, and more.  We suggest posting these materials all over your facility, most importantly in high traffic areas where golfers will see them.

Below are PDF files of the CB Promotional Materials:







3. Post CB Code to Social & Website

Create a simple social media post (18Birdies feed, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) explaining how to download 18Birdies and enter your CB code to join your community.  Add this same message to your Website, and whatever other digital channels possible.

4. Consider the Community Builder 30/60/90 Day Checklist


5. Operating Tournaments, Events, & Memberships Through 18Birdies

Simply offering Tournaments, Events, & Memberships, with online registration through the 18Birdies app will drive more New and Qualified players at your facility.

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