Incentivizing/Motivating App Users to Engage

1. Incentivizing Qualified Rounds

*Designed for Community Builder customers

When a new 18Birdies app user enters your Community Builder code, they become a New Player.  After they play a Qualified Round, they may (depending on your subscription) generate a monetary reward for your business.  With this, you may want to offer incentives to play a Qualified Round using the 18Birdies app.

Example 1: Play a Qualified Round of golf and show the Pro Shop staff that your round is qualified (in the Round History tab of the app).

- Get a sleeve of balls.

- Get a discount on green fees.

- Get a discount on merchandise.

- Etc.

2. Incentivize Shared Rounds

When an 18Birdies user plays a round of golf at your course using the 18Birdies app, they can "share" their round to their feed.  When they do so, all their personal followers will see that round Live in their Feed.  In addition to that user's personal followers seeing the post, being that your Course is "tagged", all followers of your Course will also see that round post in their personal Feed.

The idea is to offer a simple incentive to golfers at your course to Share their round to their feed, tagging your course.  You can offer discounted green fees, a free bucket of range balls, merchandise discount, etc.

3. Incentivize Course Feed Pictures

When an 18Birdies user plays a round of golf at your course using the 18Birdies app, they can Add a Photo from the hole scoring screen that can be shared to your course profile.  When they do so, the photo they share will appear in the photo library of your course profile.

4. Incentivize Comments & Likes

When you as a business customer post to your Course Feed, you can incentivize followers of your course that see that post in their feed to Comment and/or Like the post.  For example, you could create a post like this, "Sale in the Golf Shop this weekend!  The first 20 people to Like this post get 15% golf balls!", or "Comment by @ mentioning your favorite golf foursome for a free sleeve of balls!".

5. Incentivize Re-Shares

When you as a business customer post to your Course Feed, any 18Birdies app users that view that post can Share it to their own personal Feed.  This would simply give your Course Feed post more visibility, somewhat of a Pay it Forward idea.  Simply offer incentives to 18Birdies users (followers of your course) to do so.  For example, you could create a Course Feed post that read, "Big Cup Tournament coming up this weekend! Share this post to your feed to get 20% off your next green fee!".

6. Incentivize Positive Course Reviews

Similar to a Yelp review, 18Birdies users that play a round of golf at your course will have the opportunity to Rate and Review your Course after confirming their round.  You can offer incentives to golfers to play a round, score using 18Birdies, and fill out a Review following the conclusion of their round.

7. Incentivize Posting a Tracked Shot

The Shot Tracking feature in the 18Birdies app is one of the coolest.  You as the Course can incentivize app users to Track a Shot while on the course during their round, and post that shot to their Feed.  When doing so, if they tag your course, it will appear to all other followers of your Course.

8. Creative Course Feed Posts

Post, post, and post some more!  Post to the 18Birdies feed as much as possible!  The more often you post, the more often your followers see something from your course, the more often they think about choosing your course when they are contemplating where to play golf next.  Here are some creative ideas for feed posts:

1. Sale in the Golf Shop!  All FootJoy shirts now 25% off!  Mention this post and receive an additional 10% off!

2. Alert!  New Combo tees scorecard now available in the 18Birdies app!  You can now play the Blue/White course!

3. Skins game this Friday!  Enter the code SKINS in the 18Birdies app to join!

4. NFL season is upon us!  Comment with your favorite team to enter this years NFL football raffle!

5. Sip and Shop is around the corner!  Mention this post during registration of the Event for a FREE drink when you arrive!  Sign up here...

9. Incentivize Staff to use the 18Birdies App

It is imperative that the golf shop staff is knowledgeable of the 18Birdies app.  If possible, power users of the app.  This will help the overall adoption and engagement of the 18Birdies app by the casual golfers at your course.

Come up with creative ideas to incentivize the golf shop staff to use the app.  Below are a couple examples:

- The first staff member with 5 qualifying rounds gets an extra vacation day.

- The first staff member with 5 @ mentions from other course followers gets a $ bonus.

10. Demo App to Course Influencers

It's a great idea to get course influencers at your course on board with 18Birdies.  Conduct a demo to those influencers.  For example, the Ladies Club Captain, Senior Men's Captain, Saturday Team Captain, Board of Directors, Junior Team Captain, etc.

11. "Talk" 18Birdies at Golf Shop Counter

In order to drive 18Birdies app usage and engagement from golfers, the Golf Shop staff should be vocalizing the partnership between the course and 18Birdies.  Having the promotional materials up in the golf shop and sending out emails marketing your course code are helpful actions, but it can be very powerful when the staff recommends to golfers when they check-in for their tee time to use the 18Birdies app during their round.

12. Operating Tournaments, Events, & Memberships Through 18Birdies

Simply offering Tournaments, Events, & Memberships, with online registration through the 18Birdies app will drive more New and Qualified players at your facility.

13. Utilize the Monthly 18Birdies Course Leaderboards

Each Golf Course on 18Birdies has the following Course Leaderboards that are updated daily; All-Time Gross Scores, Monthly Gross Scores, All Time Birdies, Monthly Birdies.

You can operate monthly contests for low 18Birdies recorded scores, or most birdies recorded on 18Birdies this month.

14. Use Shot Tracking for Long Drive Contest

Choose a hole that you typically reserve for a Long Drive competition.  Put a sign on the tee box indicating that the player uses the Shot Tracking feature in the 18Birdies app to track their drive.  After doing so, share the tracked shot to their feed and tag the course.  This will qualify them for the Course Long Drive competition.  You could run this daily, weekly, monthly, whatever makes the most sense.

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