Inviting Golfers to Join League

There are many ways for a golfer to join your League.

1. 18Birdies App Users Within 500 Miles (Public Leagues Only).

For Public Leagues, all 18Birdies app users within 500 miles from the Home Location of the League, will be able to navigate to their Marketplace tab in the app and view and join the League.

2. Import Existing League members (YOU CAN ONLY DO THIS ONCE). 

The purpose of the Import option is to allow you to add members to an 18Birdies League that may already be part of an existing League you are operating.  If they've already signed up and paid, you can use the Import feature to add them to your League, in order to prevent them from having to pay again to join the League after it's been added to 18Birdies.

After you've created your League, from the Members tab, choose the Import Existing Members link.  A window will open up with a preview of a sample CSV file.  

First, download the CSV Template.  Always keep the top row within the CSV file the same as the template.

First name, Last name, Gender, and Email are the required fields on the CSV file.  If you use an email address that is already associated with an 18Birdies app user profile, that user will receive a notification in their app that they've been added to the League.  IF the email address is not already associated with an 18Birdies app user profile, an email will be sent to that player inviting them to join the League.  The will be able to enter their information, creating an 18Birdies app account, from the invitation email they are sent.

Also, note the Membership Duration on the CSV file.  This is the number of days that this individual players League membership should last.  For example, if you input "60", that player will be an active member of the League for 60 days from the date of import.

Once you have finalized the CSV file, simply choose Select CSV File, and upload the file.  In the Preview before choosing Import, you will be shown the number of player matching emails on your CSV file.  Finally, choose Import to import the players on the file.

3. Email Invitations

Choose the Communication tab to access the Invitation options.  You can do this from the League+ Dashboard or from within the League Management page itself.

Edit Email Template

Choose the Edit Email Template to customize your email invitation message.  All text within the gray box is editable.  

When recipients of this email receive it, they will be able to enter their 18Birdies login information, or create an 18Birdies app account, and join the League.  If the recipient is already an 18Birdies app user, and the email they received the invitation to is associated with their 18Birdies app account, they will receive a notification in the app that they've been invited to the League and they will be able to join from within the 18Birdies app itself.

After you've finalized the Email Template, simply enter or copy/paste the email addresses of the players you wish to invite to the League.  Choose the Finalize and Send link, and click Send.

4. Invitation Link

The Invitation Link brings accessors to a microsite where they can enter their 18Birdies login information or create an 18Birdies app account, and join the League.  This link is free for League Managers to use at will in order to generate participation and invite golfers to the League (social media, email, website, etc.).  Simply choose the Copy Link blue link to copy the link to your clipboard.

Check Invitation Status Link - This link at the bottom of the Invitations tab simply brings you to the Members tab to view the status of invited and joined Members.

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