Add a Tournament to Your Season

To begin, login into the League+ product and tap the League and the Live or Upcoming Season you wish to add a tournament to.  Simply click the + Add a Tournament link.

Quick Setup Option

After choosing the + Add a Tournament link, you can quickly enter the Date, Tournament Name, and Course Name.  Simply tap the calendar icon and pencil icons to do so.  You may wish to rapidly create all the Tournaments in your Season for organizational purposes, prior to completing the official Set Up of each Tournament.

*Note - The above is especially applicable to Tournament+ Max tournaments that are published publicly to all 18Birdies app users within a 500-mile radius of your League Home Location.  You may want to consider waiting to complete the full Set Up of each of these tournaments until you have all the details finalized and are ready to publish things like price, date, format, etc.

Set Up

Choose the blue Set Up link to begin the setup process of your League Tournament.

Max vs Lite - Similar to the differences within the 18Birdies Tournament+ product, the Lite version of this tournament option simply provides the organizational structure for the tournament organizer.  You can manage pairings, teams, Leaderboards, etc.  With Max, you get everything that Lite has, but also online registration through the 18Birdies app, customizable "gain intelligence" questions, the ability to market the tournament to within 500 miles of the golf course, and more.

*Note - With a Max tournament in Leagues, you will have the ability to enter two entry fee prices, one for League Members and another for Non-Members.

Click the links below to access separate articles on how to officially set up a Tournament Max and Lite in Leagues.

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