Creating a League

To begin, simply click the blue Create League link.


League Name

Enter the name of your League. I.E. Green Golf Course Senior Men's League.

League Home Location

From the drop-down menus, choose the State and City for your League.  The purpose of this is so that 18Birdies knows where to begin publishing/advertising for your League.  If your League is public, it will be shown in the Marketplace tab of the app to all users within 500 miles of this location.

League Membership Duration

Choose either 1, 2, 3 years, or no expiration for your League membership.  This allows you to manage the duration of your League participants membership.  For example, if you make your League Membership Duration 1 year, members will have to sign up for the League once per year.

League Entry Fee

Enter the Pre-tax Entry Fee for the League Membership (must be $5 or more).

If necessary, enter Sales Tax (18birdies cannot give you tax advice).

Choose the drop-down arrow on the right of the League Entry Fee window to view the Fee details.  You will see the Pre-tax Entry Fee, Tax to be collected, Total cost for each member, Distribution fee that goes back to 18Birdies, and the total amount you will receive from each member.

Public vs Private League

By default, your League will be Public.  This means that once you've finished the setup, your League will be visible to 18Birdies app users within 500 miles of the Home Location in the Marketplace tab of the app.  Users will be able to register for a League membership through their app.

If you choose to make your League Private, it will not be visible to 18Birdies app users.  Instead, it will be invite-only.  In the League Management, you will be able to send invitations to golfers you want to invite to your League.

League Profile

League Description

This is your opportunity to describe your League.  Feel free to enter as much or as little detail as you wish.  For example, "The Green Golf Course Senior Men's League is for senior men golfers ages 55 and up.  We host weekly events on Thursday morning the group, along with monthly Monday Guest Days for you to bring a friend.  You can accumulate points by playing in the weekly events for prizes at the end of the season!"

League Banner

The League you are creating will appear to 18Birdies app users in the Marketplace tab, and to League Members in the My Leagues tab within Community.  There will be a background image or images on the home page of your League.  This is where you can choose which image or images are shown on that background.

You must upload at least one image.  If you choose to upload two or more, the banner on the home page of your League will scroll through the uploaded images.

Cover - If you upload two or more images, you can choose which image displays as the "cover" or default image.  Simply choose "Set as Cover".

League Logo/Avatar (optional)

Uploading a League logo is optional.  If you choose to do so, on the home page of your League in the app, the Banner image you've already uploaded will have this League logo hovering over it in the upper left corner of the screen.

Your Contact Info

Enter the Phone Number and Email Address that you wish to be displayed as the contact information for League Members to contact League Administrators.

Maximum Number of League Members (optional)

Here you have the option to restrict the number of 18Birdies app users that can register for your League.  If you do not enter anything, there will not be a limit on the number of members.

League Rules (optional)

This is an opportunity to add more detail around the rules of your League.  For example, (1) Must be age 55 or older, (2) Always play the white tees, (3) etc.

Add League Managers (optional)

Simply start typing the name of one of the Admins or Users on your 18Birdies for Business account in order to add them as a League Manager.

Note - To add a League Manager, this person must have an Admin or User account created within the User Management tab, and they must have access to the League+ product enabled.

Finally, when all the details of your League setup are correct, click Create League Now.

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