FAQ - Can I Run a Ryder Cup Style Golf Tournament?

With a Premium membership, you do have the ability to set up a stroke play tournament, and then players within each four/five-some can set up a Match Play betting game between the group (barring at least one player in each four/five-some has a Premium subscription). 

You would be able to accomplish the Ryder Cup style by setting up your pairings so that each player in a specific match is in a group. Then from within that group, the players would initiate a Match Play betting game, pair the matches respectively, play the round and then reconcile the matches and results at the 19th hole after the round.


Player A (premium)
Player B (standard)
Player C (standard)
Player D (standard)

Once the round has started, Player A taps GameBets and then scrolls to select 'Match Play'

  1. Player A would be able to select Player C and Player D for a team match (disregard the 'team', this effectively makes the match individual)
  2. Player A would be able to start second match and select Player A and Player B as the second team match (disregard the 'team', this effectively makes the match individual)

This would require at least one player in each foursome be a Premium subscriber in order to access and set up the Match Play GameBet. Although this is a workaround, this would get you close to what you are looking for.

Alternatively, if a group was all standard users, they would be able to set up a Points game through GameBets. The users would need to set the game up so that the winner of a hole would win a point and then the players would need to translate the points won into who effectively won the match.

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