FAQ - How Much Data does the 18Birdies App Use?

Data usage for any app is a combination of things. The amount of GPS you use will increase your data usage. 

For example, if you leave the GPS screen on as you walk around the course, you are constantly updating your location as you move around the course. The scorecard only uses data when you add scores and stats, and the amount of data would be smaller than the GPS. 

The carrier will matter for battery usage, more because of where a course is located in relationship with what cellular towers are used by the carrier.

For example, if the tower next to the course is by XYZ Wireless and not 123 Cellular, then you will probably ping the tower less frequently forXYZ Wireless and it won't stress the battery.

Though all devices and users consume data differently, when we have done our own testing on this we have found that the app uses close to 100 mb of data (about 100 business emails) during the course of an 18 hole round while using all of the standard features of the app. Although we cannot guarantee this, we are pretty confident that this is the expected amount of data used.

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