Getting Started - Follow Your Friends (and Courses)

In 18Birdies, some of the most powerful features are being able to follow your friends and your favorite courses.

Following Your Friends 


  • Notification updates when your connected friend plays a live round, shares a shot, shares a round or makes a birdie or better on the golf course.
  • Posts from followed friends will show up on your Feed.
  • Quickly send round and betting game invites.

Add and Follow Friends

Tap Add friends to grow your 18Birdies network.

  1. Tap 18Birdies to search through the entire 18Birdies user database. 
  2. Enter a friends name into the "Search all 18Birdies users" box.
  3.  When you find your friend, tap Add next to their name to connect with that user on the app.
  1. Tap Contacts to search through the existing contact list on your device. 
  2. Scroll through your contact list; people in your contact list who are not currently 18Birdies users will have an ‘Invite’ button next to their name
  3. Tap Invite.
  4. Select an option for this user to send an invitation to their phone or email, depending on how much information you have entered in your device for this person.

People in your contact list who are already 18Birdies users will have an Add button next to their name. Tap the Add button to send a friend request to this user.

Please note that you will need to allow 18Birdies to access your contacts list in order to view/add/invite people from your contacts list to 18Birdies

Follow Courses


  • Receive notifications on golf course specials and events.
  • Any players who follow the same course and share a round from that course, you will see the round posting on your Feed.
  • Participate in the Course Leaderboard.
  • Expand your golf network!

Here are a few quick steps to start building your Followed Courses list

  1. Open the app and tap Explore on the bottom menu bar. 
  2. Tap Courses.
  3. From here, you can manually search for courses, or browse nearby, followed and previously played courses.
  4. Tap the desired course and then tap '+Follow' on the next screen (text should change to 'Following').

To access your Followed Courses list

  1. Open the app and tap Explore on the bottom menu bar.  
  2. Tap Courses.
  3. Tap Courses You Follow.

The courses you are following will be displayed here.

To access Leaderboards and stats for your Followed Courses

  1. Open the app and tap Me on the bottom menu bar. 
  2. Scroll down and tap Leaderboards.
  3. From the Leaderboards screen, tap the Following Courses button near the top right corner. 
  4. Your followed courses should appear on this screen, with statistic information like Monthly best scores, All-time best scores, All-time 18Birdies, etc. 
  5. You can tap on any of these statistic categories to open up the leaderboard and see the recorded scores for any 18Birdies users that have used the app on that course, regardless if you are friends with them on the app or not - pretty cool!
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