Events & Memberships User App Experience

As soon as you complete the setup of your Event/Membership and click the Create Now link, it will appear in the Marketplace section of the 18Birdies app to all users within a 100-mile radius of the golf club at which the Event/Membership is taking place.  These app users will be able to view the Event/Membership by tapping Local Events.  See below for an example of a Mixer that is appearing in the Local Events tab.

The 18Birdies app user can tap the Event/Membership feature image or the Learn More link to open up the page you see below.  They will be presented with some information about the Event/Membership.  See the example below.

From the screen above, the 18Birdies app user can tap the golf facility name to be brought to the course home page in the app, where the user can learn more about the facility.  If the users wish to register for the Event/Membership, they can simply tap the Join Now link.  When they tap Join Now, they will be brought to a Confirm Order page (shown below).

Confirm Order page

The 18Birdies app user has some options on this page.  

1) Adjust the number of orders to confirm: If you as the organizer allow registrants to purchase more than one order at a time, they will be able to increase/decrease the amount by tapping the (-/+) signs.

2) Edit the participant information: The default participant information will pull directly from the users 18Birdies app profile, but the user will have the ability to edit this information if they wish.

3) Answer registration questions and/or leave a message for the host: If you the Event/Membership organizer added questions to ask of your participants upon registration, this is where the user would answer them.  They will also have the opportunity to ask you additional questions or leave a comment.  See examples of what this may look like below.

Finally, when the user chooses Go to Pay from the Confirm Order page, they will be brought to a Payment page (shown below).  They will see the Entry Fee, Tax, Service Fee (waived for 18Birdies app Premium members), and Total.

If the 18Birdies user already has a form of payment saved to their 18Birdies profile, that payment method will be the default payment method of choice, but the user can choose to add an additional credit card for the purchase of this Event/Membership if they'd like.

The last step is for the user to tap Confirm Payment and they will have joined the Event/Membership.

As soon as they do so, this 18Birdies app user will appear as a Participant in the Participants tab within the Event/Membership platform.

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