Managing your Event/Membership - Settings

The Settings within Events & Memberships allows you to go back into the setup of your Event/Membership to make any changes or edits to the Event/Membership.

Click the blue pencil next to the section you wish to make an edit to (Basic Setup, Value Communicated, Gained Intelligence, Preview).

*Note - In an Event - Basic Setup, the only settings you can change are the Event Name and the Schedule.  The Event Date, Event Location, and Entry Fee / Tax Rate are locked.

All settings in Value Communicated, Gained Intelligence, and Preview, are editable.

Publish / Unpublish

One of the most important features of the Settings tab is the Publish / Unpublish option.  It's important to know that as soon as you create your Event/Membership, the ad has instantly been marketed in the 18Birdies app to all users within a 100-mile radius of the Event/Membership location (Published).  If you wish, you may Unpublish the Event/Membership at any time to remove it from the app.  You are free to Unpublish and Publish the Event/Membership as you see fit.

View Event Website

In the upper right corner of the screen, you will see a link to View Event/Membership Website.  This is the Event/Membership registration website that gets created when you complete the setup process.  18Birdies app users will have access to this from their device so that they can view details of the Event/Membership.  In addition to those 18Birdies app users, all those that you manually send email invitations to will have access to the web-based version of this registration website.  They will be able to enter their app user information or register for an account if they don't have one already, directly from this registration website.

This link takes you to the actual Event/Membership website.

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