Events & Memberships FAQs

1. Do I have to use one of the Event or Membership templates that 18Birdies provides?

The short answer to this question is yes, BUT, during the event or membership setup process you will have the ability to customize your event in a way that gives you the freedom to build out any type of event or membership you'd like.  The templates are more or less 'ideas' for you, or a baseline to start with so that you don't have to re-create the wheel when setting up your event or membership.  For example, if you choose Party on the Range, you will have the ability to edit the title of that event, the description, etc.

2. Why does it keep telling me I have to setup my billing and payouts before I can create an event or membership?

You must have your billing and payouts setup prior to creating an event or membership so that you can collect registration fees.  When you create an event or membership, 18Birdies users will be able to register online or through their 18Birdies app and pay for the event or membership.  In order for you to get paid, you need to have your banking information added to your account.

3. Is there a minimum event or membership registration cost?

Yes. $5.00 USD is the minimum amount to setup and event or membership.

4. How far ahead of time can I setup an Event or Membership?

Each event or membership you create will have an associated start and end date.  The start date can be no more than 58 days away from the date you are creating it.  The end date must be within 1 year from the create date.

5. Can I setup a Membership that applies to more than one course?

No. You can only choose one golf facility to apply your membership.  This golf facility must be connected to your 18Birdies for Business account in order for you to do so.

6. Can I create a private Event or Membership?

No.  When you finalize the setup of your Event or Membership, it will be published to all 18Birdies users within a 100 mile radius of the golf facility that the Event or Membership is taking place.

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