Checklist of Actions to Grow Your Community

Phase 1 (Month 1)

  • Send email template to distribution list - Use either the one provided by your CSM or the template within the Community Builder product.
  • Load golf carts steering wheels with business cards
  • Post flyers in golf shop and other high traffic areas
  • Post at least once to your Course Feed to market your golf course
  • Post 18Birdies partnership to all social channels, i.e. Facebook, website, etc.
  • You and staff play at least one round with the app
  • Demo the app to your course influencers, i.e. Ladies captain, board member, etc.
  • Talk about 18Birdies at your golf shop counter! Ask and recommend it for regular play!
  • Set up Billings & Payouts so you can get paid!

Phase 2 (Month 2)

  • Make sure all 30 day check marks are completed
  • Send another email to your distribution list
  • Post weekly to your Course Feed and market your course, events, golf shop sales, course leaderboard, etc.
  • Post again to social channels
  • Build your first Event or Membership and post the registration link on your website and social channels

Phase 3 (Month 3 and beyond!)

  • Make sure all 30 & 60 day check marks are completed
  • Operate your first Event or Membership
  • Build your second Event or Membership
  • Experiment with Tournament+ Free Trial

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