Sending Your Code to Email Distribution List

Within the Community Builder product, you have the ability to send an email to your course distribution list, informing them about your partnership with 18Birdies, and educating them on how to download the 18Birdies app, enter your course code, and become a follower of your golf course!

*NOTE: This functionality is only available for course promotional codes, not tournament codes.

Step 1

Navigate to the Community Builder product from the 18Birdies for Business Dashboard.

Step 2

Choose the promo code that you would like to email out to your course distribution list.

Step 3

Click the blue Send Invitation link on the left side of your screen.

Step 4

Towards the right side of your screen, click the Edit Email Template link.

Step 5

Edit the text of the template if you wish.  It helps to be concise with your message.

Step 6

Copy/Paste your database of email addresses into the Email Invitations tab, and click Finalize and Send!

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