Day-of Tournament Checklist


There are a couple of phases for every tournament:

1) The Setup prior to the tournament

2) The Day of management of the tournament

  • Check-In
  • During the Tournament
  • Ending the Tournament

Setup Prior to the Tournament

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO NOT GIVE OUT SCORECARDS. Let players know that they will be using the 18Birdies app to score the tournament and that they will need AT LEAST 1 player per team to have the app on their phones.

  • Double check all your tournament settings to assure accuracy
  • Make sure the course details are accurate (yardages, pars, and hole handicaps), and send a message to the support team if not.
  • If you are able to, create guest players and team assignments
  • Use the CSV template to upload names and teams (if available)

*IMPORTANT NOTE: If the end-date of the tournament has to be moved for any reason, don’t forget to change the end-date of the tournament in the software.

Day of the Tournament

At Check-in Have Ready:

  • The tournament code created during the set-up process
  • Your gallery code
  • Get Participants into the Tournament:

*All participants scoring in the tournament MUST have the app on their phones.

  • If they already have the app - ask them to enter the tournament code directly:   
    • Play Tab > My Tournaments > Enter Code > Accept
  • If they have not downloaded the app - have them:
    • Download app through Google Play or Apple App Store
    • Create an 18Birdies account   
    • Enter Tournament Code in the Play Tab

*IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL Participants MUST tap “Accept” the Tournament to be in the tournament.  

**IMPORTANT NOTE: As players enter the tournament code, they will auto populate in the Unassigned Player area in the Team Assignment tab - YOU MUST DRAG & REPLACE guest profiles with real player profiles.  See below to learn how to differentiate between the types of profiles.

All Guest profiles have an 18Birdies logo on them:

Real player profiles (i.e. players who have downloaded the app, created an account & have joined the tournament) will have either of the two logos on them:


  • Once you’ve dragged and dropped (replaced) all real players with their guest account, you can “start your tournament”  (NOTE: players will not be able to start their round until you’ve hit this GREEN button):

During the Tournament

Once you’ve started your tournament, notifications on your player’s app will switch from:

“Tournament starting soon” ====> “Start Tournament Round”

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Players will not be able to start their rounds until you have assigned them to a team.  

  • Check up on players to ensure they are keeping score in the app.

Keep an eye on the three dots to the right of the teams. If the three dots remain next to a team during the tournament, they are not keeping score.

If the dots disappear then the group is keeping score and they will show up on the Leaderboard.  If the dots are still showing after the first 30-45 minutes, the player/team may need to be reminded to score the tournament with the app. Notice below there are no dots to the right of the players. They are keeping score.

If they do not want to use the app you can manually “take over” by clicking on the 3 dots and “Organizer takes over Scoring”.  From that point on, Tournament Organizer will input scores manually on the Leaderboard. (Red Circle “pencils, mobile->computer, and trash can buttons”)

Before or during play you can customize the display of the Leaderboard.

Ending the Tournament

  • Connect your leaderboard from your computer to your TV!

Golfers love seeing the leaderboard on television. You can display the public leaderboard on a separate browser window and connect it to a TV/monitor/screen via a weblink, HDMI cable Streaming Device (Apple TV, etc.)

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