There are two main areas within the Flights tab, the Unassigned Players (1) and the Flights (2).

Note: Players can be added, removed, or swapped to/from Flight(s) before a tournament has started or once a tournament is live.  If done after a tournament has started, the players' Flight position will be updated on the Leaderboard in real time.

Unassigned Players

Player profiles within the Unassigned Players box have not yet been assigned to a Flight.  When you add a guest player or import a list of players, and they have yet to be assigned to a team, they will appear here in this area.

To better organize your Unassigned Players, you can sort (simply click) by Name or Handicap.


There are many different ways to create your Flights.  The first and the most simple way to do so is to drag (1) and drop an unassigned player down to create a new flight (2) or drag them onto a flight that is already created.

Once a player is in a Flight, it is easy to drag them to a different Flight, or even drag them back to the Unassigned area.

You have the ability to drag a Flight up and down within the Flights area to better organize your list of Flights.

If you wish to create empty Flights to fill them by dragging unassigned players to them, click the Add Flight link.  Enter the number of Flights you wish to add and click Add.  The Flights you added will appear in succession towards the bottom of the Flights area.

Deleting a Flight - If a Flight does not have any players on it, you can simply click the trash can icon to remove that Flight. (3)  To remove a Flight with players on it, you need to click the three dots on the right and choose to remove all players from that Flight.  Those players will go back to the Unassigned Players tab, and then you will be able to delete the Flight.

Flight Name - Each Flight Name can be customized.  This name will appear on the Flights Leaderboard.  You as the organizer have the ability to edit each Flight name.  Simply tap the pencil icon next to the name of the Flight up change the name (50 character limit).

Remove a Player from a Flight - If you wish to remove a player from an assigned Flight and move them back to the Unassigned Players area, click the players' profile and choose Unassign player from Flight.  You can more quickly unassign all players in a Flight and move all players from the Flight back to the Unassigned Players area by choosing the 3 dots to the right of the Flight and choosing Remove all players from this Flight.

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