Tournament Settings, Edit, & Banners

The Edit Tournament options available depend on the status of your tournament, whether created, started, or completed.  

Created (Not yet Started)

The following tournament settings are no longer editable once you have completed the setup process of your tournament:

Start Date

Tournament Course

Round Type

Men's & Women's Tees

Tournament Scorecard

Started (Not yet Completed)

As soon as you start the tournament and at least one player begins scoring, the following tournament settings are no longer editable:

Number of Rounds

Tee Time Settings

Round Format

Enable or Disable Flights

Handicap Settings (other than locking handicaps)

Tiebreaker Settings

Skins Game Settings

Completed (End date has passed)

As soon as your tournament end date passes, your tournament will move into 'Completed'.  All tournaments in the Completed category are essentially locked.  You will no longer have the ability to edit the Leaderboard (positions, scores, or the Leaderboard setting that controls which Leaderboard is being displayed).  In addition to the settings that become locked after the start of your tournament, you will also no longer be able to edit the tournament banners, or any other tournament settings otherwise previously available for edit.

Customize Tournament Banners

There are four (4) separate areas within the T+ software for a tournament organizer to upload a banner.  These images are designed to be used for tournament sponsors, club logo, or whatever the tournament organizer feels necessary.  One thing to note is that these banners are freely editable before and during your tournament, so they can be interchanged as you wish.

To upload an image for each one of these banners, simply click Change Image, Choose File, and upload the file of your choice.  Pay attention to the recommended resolution for each image for an optimal fit.

Mobile Tournament Leaderboard Banner - This space will be displayed on the mobile Leaderboard within the 18Birdies app.  

Web Tournament Leaderboard Banner - This space will be displayed on the Public Leaderboard optimized for web use.  If tournament players or spectators are viewing this Leaderboard from the web, you may choose to associate a link with this image.  To do so, simply insert the URL in the designated field.

Invitation and Reminder Email Banners - This space will be displayed in the header space of the invitation email template.  You may choose to associate a link to a website with this image for invitees viewing this email.  To do so, simply insert the URL in the designated field.

Cart Sign Banner - This space will be displayed on the printed cart signs.  If you choose not to upload an image on the cart sign, the tournament name and course will be displayed in this space.

Basic Setup, Tournament Settings, and Options

Simply click the pencil icon next to whichever tournament setting you wish to modify.  If available, you will be brought back to the setup process of your tournament so that you can make the changes.

Important Information about Tournament Settings

End Date - The end date marks the conclusion of your tournament.  After 11:59 PM your local time of the end date you choose here, this tournament will move out of your Live & Upcoming Tournaments section and move down to the Tournament History section.  Remember that if a tournaments end date has passed and it is listed in the Tournament History section, you will have no access to the invitations tab, team assignments tab, or ability to edit scores.

Leaderboard Settings - You may wish to toggle back and forth between Leaderboard settings throughout your tournament.  For example, if you want to display Gross scores and Gross skins at one time, and Net scores and Net skins at another, you may enable and disable different Leaderboards throughout your tournament here.  Simply click the pencil icon and choose the Leaderboard options you wish to display.  

Tournament & Gallery Codes - Feel free to edit the tournament and gallery codes as you wish.  These are saved automatically and are updated live.  Note: If a player joins your tournament and you then change the code, they will not be removed, they will remain a player/spectator and continue to have access to the Leaderboard from the app.

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