The Print tab is where you will print any tournament materials you feel you may need for the operation of your tournament.  Below is a brief description of each print material.

  1. Pairing Sheet - The Pairing Sheet will show each team's starting hole, team name, and players names including handicap index on the team.
  2. Flight Sheet - Use this sheet to show a breakdown of players/team by their respective Flight.
  3. Registration Sheet - The Registration Sheet is organized by individual player alphabetically, and displays player handicap index and starting hole.
  4. Cart Signage - We offer two options when printing Cart Signs, one that prints only one sign per 8.5x11 sheet, and the other that prints 2 per sheet.  The tee times settings you have chosen will determine whether or not the Starting Hole or the Starting Time displays on the Cart Sign.  You have the option to upload a Cart Sign Banner Image from the Settings Tab (you can access this directly by clicking the 'photo' link in the Cart Signage preview area).  If you choose not to upload a Cart Sign Banner Image, the banner space area will display the tournament name and course.
  5. Backup Scorecard - The Backup Scorecard is recommended to be used only for those few teams (groups) that do not have at least one player using the 18Birdies app to score the individual players' scores or team score.  The scorecard should print dotted if you are running a Net tournament.  Note: Currently only one (1) scorecard prints per 8.5x11 sheet.
  6. Tournament Registration Code - This sheet is designed for the tournament organizers to use during the tournament registration process prior to the start of the tournament.  For those players that have yet to join the tournament using the 18Birdies app, organizers should print this sheet and place it on the registration table, the pro shop counter, and wherever else necessary, so that when players arrive at the course and see this sheet, they will know the code they need to use to enter the tournament in the 18Birdies app.

Tournament Rules - The Tournament Rules sheet displays the tournament settings you have chosen for the event.  You will see the format, tees, handicap format, skins settings, tiebreaker rules, and any additional rules that you chose to add.  Additional Tournament Rules are only able to be added prior to starting your tournament or prior to choosing to organizer a teams scores.

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