Team Assignment

There are two main areas within this tab, the Unassigned Players (1) and the Teams (2).  It is important to note that "Teams" are treated as "Pairings" in the 18Birdies T+ Software.

Unassigned Players

Player profiles within the Unassigned Players box have not yet been assigned to a Team.  When you add a guest player or import a list of players, and they have yet to be assigned to a team, they will appear here in this area.

To better organize your Unassigned Players, you can sort (simply click) by Name or Handicap.  Also, if you wish to edit any Unassigned Player details, click the player profile to Edit or Delete.

Guest Players

Adding Guest Players - In order to add guest players, navigate back to the Participants tab and click the blue Add Player link.  Enter the players First and Last Name and Gender (only required fields).  Handicap Index and Tournament Handicap are optional, but if you choose to enter the Handicap Index, the Tournament Handicap will be calculated automatically based on the slope rating of the tees you chose.  If you wish to continue to add more guest players, it is recommended to check the "add another" box, so that you can more quickly add guest players.

A Guest Player is a player in your tournament that is not going to use the 18Birdies app to score his/her round.  You, the organizer, will have the ability to enter scores for this player on his/her behalf.  The Guest Player profile can be used as a placeholder for all tournament participants to create teams/pairings before the player's app profile appears when they join/accept the tournament invitation.  A Guest Player profile is clearly indicated by the 18Birdies blue logo in the image area (3).  

It is common practice to enter Guest Player profiles as placeholders while setting up a tournament, then as players accept invitations in the app and their actual account profiles appear in the Unassigned Players area, simply drag and drop to replace the Guest Player profile with the actual app account profiles.

Importing Players from CSV

To import players to the Unassigned Players section, click Important Team from and then click Import by CSV. It’s located next to the settings wheel (1).   

You will see a preview of what the CSV file may look like before you upload it and can even download a template to follow.  

Once you have a spreadsheet built, go ahead and choose 'Select CSV file'. (2)

If you upload a list of players names, gender, and handicap only, the list of players will appear in the Unassigned Players area.  If you complete the CSV Template indicating a Team number or name, the players will populate in the Teams area already grouped into teams.

IMPORTANT: Never edit row 1 from the CSV Template.  This is the row that shows Team, Name*, Gender*, Handicap, Email, and Entry Fee.  The only required fields here are Name and Gender, but you will need to leave the row 1 header the same and simply leave those columns empty, otherwise, you will get an error message when trying to upload the file.

Lastly on importing players, you may wish to save a players CSV template to your computer for future tournament use.  In this case, you may also want to have one master players CSV file, with multiple different tabs containing different player groupings/teams.  Keep in mind that when you use this master CSV file to import players, whatever tab you have opened when you last saved the file, will be the list of players that is imported.

Connecting App Users to Tournament Using Email

One of the most useful features of importing a players/teams list is that you can use the import as a way to automatically add existing 18Birdies app users to your tournament.  In the CSV file, there is a column for email addresses.  If you populate that column with the players email address and upload it, you will see that the profile that gets created is the actual players 18Birdies app profile.  This is signified by the user profile icon to the left of their name.  The blue 18Birdies logo indicates a guest account player profile, not associated with an app account.  If you see a picture or just a white silhouette user profile icon, that means the player profile is associated with their actual app.  Keep in mind that the only way this works is if the email address you have listed on the CSV file is already associated with the players 18Birdies app account.

Note: When the T+ software associates an 18Birdies app account profile by email, the NAME and GENDER fields in the app will override the name and gender listed on the CSV file.  On the other hand, the HANDICAP INDEX field will not be overridden by the handicap listed on the app profile.  The handicap you input on the CSV file will be what is associated with the player in your tournament.

Managing Teams

There are many different ways to create your teams.  The first and the most simple way to do so is to drag (1) and drop an unassigned player down to create a new team (2) or drag them onto a team that is already created and has room for more players on it.  

Once a player is on a team, it is easy to drag them to a different team, or even drag them back to the Unassigned area.

You have the ability to drag a team up and down within the Teams area to better organize your list of teams.

If you wish to create empty teams to fill them by dragging unassigned players to them, click the Add Team link.  Enter the number of teams you wish to add and click Add.  The teams you added will appear in succession towards the bottom of the Teams area.

Deleting a team - If a team that was created does not have any players on it, you can simply click the trash can icon to remove that team. (3)  To remove a team with players on it, you need to click the three dots on the right and choose to remove all players from that team.  

Those players will go back to the Unassigned Players tab, and then you will be able to delete the team.

Change Team Size - Each team or pairing group can have between 2 and 5 players.  Click the settings wheel to adjust this setting.  In this Team Settings window, you have the ability to Hide Full Teams or Empty Teams, to better organize your view of the Teams area.

Randomly Assign - You have the option to randomly assign the players in the Unassigned area to a team.  

Simply click Randomly Assign, and all remaining Unassigned players will be assigned to new teams, randomly, in succession towards the bottom of the Teams area.  Teams/Pairings that are already built will not be affected.

Hole Assignments - From the Teams area, you as the organizer have the ability to adjust starting hole assignments for each team (if you have Shotgun chosen as your tee time setting).  Tee times are not editable from the Team Assignment tab if Sequential Tee Times is chosen, as these are made automatically based on the first tee time of your tournament.  When new teams are created, the default hole assignment or starting time falls in line with whatever hole or starting time is next available.  To edit the starting hole for a group (change to a B group), click the pencil icon next to the starting hole and choose the starting hole.

Team Name - Each team or pairing group has an associated Team Name.  This name will appear on the leaderboard of team competitions.  You as the organizer have the ability to edit each team name, and you can also allow or disallow players on a team to edit their own team name from within the app.

Organizer Manages Scoring - When a player in a team or pairing group does not enter scores for the group using the 18Birdies app, you (the organizer) will need to click the three dots on the right side of the team and choose to keep score for player or team.  This will allow the players on this team to appear on the Leaderboards tab and give you the ability to enter the scores for these players.  WARNING: As soon as you choose to manage scoring for just one team, all Course Settings will then be locked, even if you have yet to click Start Tournament.

Unassign a Player from a Team - If you wish to remove a player from an assigned team and move them back to the Unassigned Players area, click the players profile and choose Unassign player from the team.  You can more quickly unassign all players on a team and move all players from the team back to the Unassigned Players area by choosing the 3 dots to the right of the team and choosing Unassign players from this Team.

After the Tournament has Started - As soon as you start the tournament and at least one player begins their round, OR you choose the Organizer Manages Scoring option for at least one team, you will no longer have the option to import players or teams.

Export Teams - After your teams are all created (or during the creation process), you have the ability to export a CSV file of the teams.  Simply click the Export Team as CSV link on the bottom right corner of the page.

Unassigned Players after Tournament has Started

It is common for tournaments operated with the Tournament+ software to have 18Birdies app users join your tournament after it has already started.  You as the organizer will want to be aware of this so that you can assign these users to the appropriate team so they can begin their round.  We always recommend you do your best to have all players app profiles assigned to their respective team prior to you officially starting the tournament.  Here's what happens if not...

There will be times when a player or players join your tournament by accepting an email invitation or entering the tournament code after you have already started the tournament.  When they do, their app profile will appear in the Unassigned Players area.  They will immediately be presented with the 'Start Tournament Round' link in the app (because you have started the tournament), but if they select it they will be presented with the following error message: "The tournament is underway. To begin your round, contact the tournament organizer to be assigned to a team."  Being that this is the case, you as the organizer will need to be aware of the Unassigned Players area during your tournament, and drag and drop the players' actual profile to their assigned team (possibly replacing their guest account that is currently on the team).  Once you do so, the player will be able to select the 'Start Tournament Round' link again in their app, and they will be dropped into their team, on their respective starting hole, as expected.

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