The Participants tab displays the individuals that you have invited and/or have joined your tournament.  The purpose of this tab is for you at your registration table and check-in process to have an easy way to track the players that have checked-in to your tournament.  Once a player has accepted the tournament in their 18Birdies app, you will see their name in blue and you will have the ability to check them in.

There are many ways in which players appear on the Participants tab.

1. Through an Email Invitation from Invitations Tab - If you send an invitation to a player from the Email Invitations tab, the email address you sent the invitation to will appear as a participant.  You will not be able to edit this player's details or delete the player from the participants list until they accept and join your tournament.

When they accept your email invitation, they will have done so by downloading the 18Birdies app and accepting the tournament in their app.  Once this happens, their participant player profile will turn into a name in Blue letters and you will see the ability to Check-In this participant.

2. Choosing the manual Add Player option - If you choose to add players to your participant list manually, click the Add Player link.  You will be able to enter the First and Last name, Gender, and Handicap.  Names and Gender are required.  If you enter a Handicap Index, based on the course your tournament is being played at, the Tournament Handicap will be adjusted accordingly.  If you simply enter the Tournament Handicap, that will be the player's Course Handicap for the tournament.

Note: Choose the Add Another option within the Add Player window to add players in succession.

3. Uploading CSV file of Players/Teams - In the Team Assignments tab, you can import a CSV file list of players/teams.  When you do so, the individual players will appear in the Participants tab.

4. Players enter your Tournament Code - If a tournament player enters your tournament code into their 18Birdies app, they will appear in the Participants tab in Blue letters and you will immediately have the ability to check them in.

Participant Status

Pending - The Pending status means that player you've invited via email has yet to accept your invitation and join your tournament.  When a player is in Pending status, you will see an option to Resend the invitation to this player.

Joined - If a participant is in the status of Joined, their player profile will appear in the Team Assignments tab.  The participant is either a Guest Player Profile or an App Account Profile.

a. Guest Player Profile - Indicated by a name in Black letters.  Tap the pencil next to the Guest Player Profile name to edit First and/or Last Name, Gender, and Handicap.  You can also choose to Delete this participant from your tournament here.

b. App Account Profile - Indicated by a name in Blue letters.  Tap the pencil next to the App Account Player Profile to view the First and Last name, Gender, as well as players email address.  You will have the ability to edit the player's handicap for the tournament here.  You also have the ability to Check-In an App Account Player Profile.

Checking Participants In

One of the main purposes of the Participants tab is to use it to Check In your players.  You only have the ability to Check-In participants that have joined your tournament using the 18Birdies app.  

App Account Profile Participants of your tournament will appear in one of two areas in the Team Assignments tab.  Depending on whether they are in the Unassigned Players area of the Teams area when you Check them In, one of two things will happen.

1. If in Unassigned - If the players App Account Profile is in the Unassigned Area when you check the player in, their status will simply change to Checked In.

2. If in Teams - If the player's App Account Profile is in the Teams area when you check the player in, you will see a pop-up window that will tell you what team the participant is on, what other participants are on the team, and their starting time or hole.  Click OK and the participants status will be changed to Checked In.

Searching for a Participant

You have the ability to filter your participants' results by All, Joined, or Pending.  You cannot sort by Name, but you can use the Search by Name/Email field to quickly find a participant that is checking in.  

Also, you can see a quick view of your currently checked in number of participants and number of joined.

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