The first step to manage your tournament is to invite participants to play or watch. There are a few ways to do this. You can:

1) Verbally Give Access Codes (Tournament & Gallery Codes)

2) Invite participants via Email  

3) Send an Invitation link. You can see who has accepted your invitation (and who has not) by viewing your Invitation List.

1. Tournament & Gallery Codes

The tournament and gallery codes are essentially access numbers that allow players or spectators into the tournament in the 18Birdies app.  Both of these codes are customizable, up to 50 characters, numeric or alphanumeric, no spaces, and are not case sensitive.

Tournament Code - The tournament code is the access number that all tournament players/participants should use to enter the tournament in the app.  When players enter this code, they will be allowed to enter the tournament.  Their player profile will appear on your Team Assignments tab, and when the tournament starts, the player will be able to start their tournament round.

Gallery Code - The gallery code is for spectators only.  18Birdies app users that enter the gallery code will have access to the tournament leaderboard, feed, and other tournament information, but will not be added to the participants' list and will not populate on the tournament organizers Team Assignments tab.

2. Email Invitations

The next way to invite players to your tournament is to use the Email Invitations section.

Simply type in a tournament players email address, or even copy and paste a list of emails (Use keyboard shortcuts for copy/paste).  If you wish to, you can edit your email template.  The editable areas are the email Subject line and the body of the email, indicated by the gray box (3).  If you make a mistake and would like to resort to the default template, simply click the link to do so in the bottom left corner of the screen.  Once you are satisfied with the email invitation, click Save (4).

Once you are satisfied with the email invitation, click Finalize and Send, then Send (5).  

This email will go out to all the emails you had in the email invitations window.  When each person opens up the email, they will need to click the 'Complete registration and Join' link.  Once they do so, they will be prompted to either log in to their existing 18Birdies account or create a new one if they have yet to do so.  Once they get logged in to their 18Birdies app profile, they will automatically be brought into the tournament in the tournament tab.

The benefit of using the Email Invitations option is that when you send the email you will see the list of emails you sent the invitations to down below on the Invitations List.  You will be able to see when a player "Accepts" your invitation, "Declines", or if the invitation is still "Pending" (6).  You can easily click the link to "Resend" the invitation to those players that have yet to Accept, and even create Email Reminders.

Email Reminders - If you sent invitations to players using the Email Invitations option, you can easily create Email Reminders.  When you do, the email template you set up will be resent to either All Invited Players, All Registered Players, or All Unregistered Players (Pending), depending on the option you choose.  Simply click Add Email Reminder, choose who to send it to, a delivery date and time, and finally edit the template if you wish.  When you choose a delivery date and time, make sure you choose the hour and the minute, otherwise, the reminder will not send.

3. Invitation Link

The third way to invite players to join your tournament is to copy and paste the invitation link and send it to whoever you want to invite to your tournament (7).  Similar to when an invitee clicks on the 'Complete registration and Join' link from an Email Invitation when an invitee clicks on the link you send them, they will either be prompted to log in or create an 18Birdies account.  As soon as they complete the account creation process and log in to their app profile, they will be able to Accept the tournament, and their app profile will appear in your Team Assignments tab.

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