Community Builder Overview

Welcome to Community Builder!

The Community Builder (CB) dashboard includes an overview chart of your total revenue earned as well as a table detailing your live, upcoming, and completed Tournaments and Promotions. In the upper left corner of the dashboard you will see the total amount earned in CB from all of your Tournaments and Promotions.  

The data you see in CB is updated on a daily basis.

1. Revenue

The revenue chart displays the amount earned over a six month period, broken down into bi-weekly segments. Hover your cursor over one of the blue bars on the chart to view the date range and total revenue earned.

2. Tournament / Promo Details

Below the revenue chart is the Tournament / Promo Details table.  You can filter the list by live, upcoming, completed or all.

Tournament / Promo Name: This is either the name of a tournament you built in Tournament+ or the name of a CB Promotion that you ran or are running.

New Players: The number of New Players listed here are the number of 18Birdies app users that entered this tournament code or promotional code upon creating their 18Birdies app account.  New 18Birdies app users will need to enter the tournament or promo code at the moment they create their user profile, or anytime within the first 24 hours of creating their profile in order for the code to work properly.

Qualified Players:  New Players that enter your Tournament or Promo code may complete a qualified round of golf after entering the code into their 18Birdies app.  When they do so, this number will reflect that. For example, as a CB customer, you may be pushing out a Promo Code to new users of the 18Birdies app, which you and your facility may receive a monetary reward for doing each time you capture a new user using that code.  That monetary reward will not apply to your account until the new user completes a qualified round. Note: A qualified round requires a minimum of 6 holes to be scored, over a certain time frame, and within a reasonable distance from the course.  Scramble tournament rounds do not count as qualified rounds.

Revenue: The Revenue column shows how much revenue you have earned from a specific Tournament or Promo code. For example, if you are contracted to earn $5 for every new user you add to your community, when they play a qualified round, this total will increase by $5. If you have 100 qualified players, in this example you would have $500 in the revenue column.

Status: The status column simply shows if this Tournament / Promotion is Live, Upcoming, or Completed.

3. Promotion Details

To take a deeper dive into a specific Tournament or Promotion, simply click on the Promotion Name.  You will see a summary of the tournament or promotion at the top of your screen, including the name, new players, qualified players, revenue, and status.  

The column on the left will show the following:

Promotion/Tournament Code: This is the code that an 18Birdies app user would input into their app in order to take advantage of the CB offer or to join a tournament.

Max Usage per Code (CB Only): This is the number of uses available for this specific code. For example, you may have a code that awards 90 days of free Premium to new users. This may have unlimited uses, or may be capped at the first 500 new users that enter the code.

Payout per Qualified Player: This number is the amount of revenue that you, as a CB customer, will earn each time a new qualified player is added to your Community via the Tournament or Promo code.

Code Offer (CB Only): The specific promotion that you are viewing in the promotion details may have an "offer" attached to it for those 18Birdies app users that use the code. For example, a code may allow an 18Birdies app user free access to the Premium version of the app for a certain number of days.

Start & End Date: The start and end dates simply reflect the date that this promotion or tournament code went live, and the date that it expires. The expiration date can be extended if necessary.

Revenue Breakdown

Date: CB revenue earned is paid out twice a month. The date column shows the date range for each payout.

New, Qualified, and Revenue: These columns show the number of new players, qualified players, and revenue earned during the specific payout period.

Payout Schedule:  The date that this specific payout is scheduled to be paid on.

Status:  This is the status of the payout for this date range. Values here can be as follows:

  • Rejected - Something went wrong with the routing to your bank, please contact support.
  • Submitted - Payment has been submitted for review.
  • Approved - Payment is approved and you should see the deposit in your bank account in a few days.

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