Tournament+ Dashboard

To access the Tournament+ Dashboard, use the product navigation icon in the upper right corner of your screen.  Before you've created your first tournament, this screen will contain links to the Tournament+ Knowledge Base (KB).  As soon as you have begun creating and managing tournaments (1 or more), your Tournament+ Dashboard will contain a list of Live and Upcoming Tournaments, as well as your Tournament History, which contains a log of all the tournaments you have created that the end date has passed.

There are two options for creating a tournament using 18Birdies for Business, Tournament Max and Lite.

Tournament Lite

The Lite version of Tournament+ provides all the functionality from a traditional tournament pairing program that you are used to.  Invitations, participants, team assignments, live leaderboards, banners, etc., are all included in Tournament Lite.  If you do not plan to accept registration and payment through the consumer app, have no need to market your tournament to 18Birdies app users or publish a microsite, Tournament Lite is likely best suited for your Tournament.

Tournament Max

Max includes everything that Lite does as it relates to the tournament organizers needs, but in addition offers in-app registration and payment for participants, a microsite for the organizer to publish to participants, customizable questions for those that are registering, and the ability to market and advertise your tournament to 18Birdies app users.

Live & Upcoming Tournaments

All your Live Tournaments will be clearly noted with a green LIVE banner and Upcoming with an orange UPCOMING banner below the date of the tournament.  Before clicking to access the tournament management platform for a specific tournament, you are presented with a preview of the tournament that includes the tournament Start/End date, Name, Course, Format, Creator, and any Tournament Supporters you may have added.  Simply click the tournament you wish to manage and you will be brought to the tournament management platform.  For information on managing a tournament, click here.

Tournament History (Completed)

All tournaments have an associated Start and End date.  As soon as the End date has passed for a tournament, it will appear in the Tournament History section, clearly indicated by the gray COMPLETED banner below the date of the tournament.  You have the ability to access tournaments in the tournament history section by simply clicking the tournament name.  You will be able to access the Participants, Leaderboards, Print, and Edit Tournament tabs.  Scores, players and team assignments, banners and other tournament settings are no longer editable as soon as a tournaments end date has passed.

Live, Upcoming, and Completed Tournaments: You have the ability to minimize either the Live & Upcoming or History (or both) by clicking the down arrow on the right side of each section.

Duplicate - If you have tournaments that you run on a regular basis, you may want to take advantage of the Duplicate feature.  On the far right side of a tournament displayed in the Live, Upcoming, and Completed tournaments on the dashboard, you will see a blue link titled Duplicate.  Click this link if you wish to clone that tournament.  The vast majority of the Setup Basics, Tournament Settings, and Options will be cloned for this event, to save you loads of time.  

Note: Participants and Teams will not be duplicated.

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